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I'm a postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University and NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Prior to this, I got my PhD in climate science from the University of Oxford.

I study the interactions between clouds, radiation and circulation in Earth's climate. This is a broad question, and so my work touches on a number of topics, for example: tropical dynamics, radiative feedbacks, the hydrological cycle and aerosol-climate interactions.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to chat or collaborate! My email is:


Sept 2023   I joined the Steering Committee for the ECS & cloud feedback virtual symposia. I've learned so much from these sessions and am psyched to help organize future events.  

July 2023   I won an outstanding early career presentation award at the CFMIP-GASS meeting in Paris! Thanks to Sandrine/Florent and all the local organizers for a fantastic conference!  

July 2023   I defended my PhD thesis! Thanks to Tim Woollings and Bjorn Samset for taking the time to discuss and provide stimulating feedback on my work.  

March 2023   I gave a talk at the 23rd ECS & cloud feedbacks virtual symposium, alongside great talks by Margaret Duffy and Paulo Ceppi! Thanks to the organizers for putting together these sessions. :)  

March 2023   My "circus tent" paper was chosen as an Editor's highlight!  

March 2023   My paper on "Circus Tents, Convective Thresholds, and the Non-Linear Climate Response to Tropical SSTs", co-authored with Nadir Jeevanjee and Jonah Bloch-Johnson, was just published in Geophysical Research Letters!  

Dec. 2022   I took the train from New York to Chicago for #AGU22! It was a rewarding week, with lots of great posters and talks around. I gave a talk on Friday afternoon on my "circus tent" paper too!  

Dec. 2022   I spent two weeks on the East Coast visiting different institutions pre-AGU, thanks to my hosts at Yale, Boston College, Harvard and GFDL for the great experience!  

Aug. 2022   I was interviewed for Oxford's "Meet the Scientist" series! Enjoy reading me rant about climate, cycling and my cat :)  

July 2022   My paper on aerosol effective radiative forcing was just published in Nature Climate Change! Read a summary/explainer here :)  

July 2022   I won an Outstanding Student Presentation award for my EGU conference presentation! :sunglasses:  

May 2022   I attended the EGU22 conference (in-person!) and gave an invited talk on my PhD work. :)  

Apr. 2022   Our new paper was just published in JAMES! In it, we introduce a simple framework which links clouds and circulation by thinking about how they relate to the atmospheric water and energy budgets.  

Feb. 2022   I received an Outstanding Student Presentation award for my AGU conference presentation! :)  

Dec. 2021   I attended my first AGU conference (virtually...)! While "there", I presented one poster on my PhD work, and gave a talk on my extreme precipitation paper with Paul O'Gorman (now published in GRL).  

Dec. 2021   I contributed to a new paper in GMD, led by the inimitable Duncan Watson-Parris. In it, we introduce a scalable, open-source framework for performing emulation and calibration of complex climate datasets - 'ESEm'!  

Oct. 2019   I started my PhD! =D